Story with a street dog

I dont know why im sharing this story
I were walking at goizha like everyday ! But this time i went far like 30 min of home
I saw a dog with 3 legs ! I felt so sad .. I didnt hv money or food
Even no supermarket nearby me .. So i felt guilty and looked at the dog who was resting at the grass , he was looking at me too so i couldnt .. I said i swear God i will bring u something! So i went back running ,tried to call mom but i had no charge so i got home after 20 min and there was no meat .. So i ran back but forgot my money ,I went to the market and told him can i take this Canned meat and bring the money later ( he knows me) he accepted.. So i ran back and got there in 25 min while i was trying to open the can but it broke so i had to get the meat out by my hand so while o was opening it by my hand got cut .. And got all the beef out when i arrived he was gone .. I stupidly started to cry :)) and my hands were dirty with meat oil and felt sooo disappointed! I walked home sad and it was too cold and raining for 5 min 😦 and when i was near the buliding i saw the dog !!! I was tooo happpy and i gave him the food but he ran ! So i followed him -.- again and again for 15 min and i had an idea
I put the beef on the flooor and hide ,after few mints he came back and ate it !!! But a stupid jerk guy scared him and he couldnt finish it so i followed him again … The point is .. You cant act with humanity only by helping ppl 🙂 i dont mean follow the dog ! Thats my decision! But u hv to be kind with everything have soul 🙂
Buttt i feeeel greaaaatttt !!! :):):):):)
BTW thats not the dog i helped ! I was too busy following him