A Fight between the devil and angel

Its getting worse ! its a fight between my devil side and angel side ! its a fight between my dirty mind and pure heart .. its a fight between power and weakness ..

when i want that “thing” so bad ! when that “thing” fill my heart with joy and strength .. when i act to be myself with .. when i feel safe and warm with .. when i feel so damn good with .. but i know its not mine .. and my dirty mind , devil part make me want to have it !

but i know its wrong .. it would break trust , friendship and love .. it gonna break a life !

you know that thing will make you feel perfect ! you start to stop your life .. you want it so bad .. feeling too greedy and selfish !

but still its wrong .. while fighting for your dreams or what you want is right !

but not in this case … you wont understand which case … !

you will when you live that moment ….

Im lost … but i know that i have to be with my angel part .. pure heart and fight against others

because i know whats right .. if God wants that “thing” for me … God will send me a sign .. then i will fight to have it !

but dont be with the bad part .. 🙂


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