Runaway from your dream

Dreams …!12092239_631791740297116_34447801_n

We all have dreams .. but some of us live for it , others just looking for money ! good job and marriage.

But sometimes you feel too tired to continue .. Dreaming is easy but its hard to work for it ! we are too lazy asses to make it true .. just waiting for someone or God to make a chance for us instead of making our own chance ! you are tired of what people want you to be

But today im going to talk about our pain

Everyone make mistakes .. lose ! but in our area .. community kills it ! Im from the people who dont give a shit about them … Working hard for it .. but now i feel tired of it .. sick of my dream !  feel like i fell from a mountain to valley and have to go up again … feel like im building something and someone came and crash it too easily !

Do you feel like you hate your dream , fate , people and luck ? remembering all the negative words , screams and fights you did for the dream ? your body is shaking now right ?? you’re feeling angry , disappointed , worthless ! and about to believe what people say about you “loser , worthless, bad” even if you are trying to be a better person … their voice inside of your head now ! you’re trying to talk to your best person … but you realizing that you are alone ! people who you think are always with you .. are not ! you’re dizzy , hands , legs , shoulders and chest are shaking too bad .. you want to scream and cry ! but the pain wont let you ! the pain want you to burn ! slowly ….

You want to runaway ! from dreams .. from reality .. from everyone … you try to sleep so you can avoid it .. but its too hard too sleep ! you try to close your eyes and its getting worse ! you hear every word in your mind and your body is shaking .. you just want to sleep and runaway … but then you have nightmares ! and you just want to wake up !!! you dont know where to go or what to do

Dont worry my friend .. I feel you ! I want to runaway now .. im tired

Dont give up , you’re worthless and loser if you did ! smile ! get your ass up .. You can do it .. You dont need anyone to be your hero .. You dont need anyone to believe in you .


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