A message for him

Walking alone, thinking of you

Thinking of the distance that made us apart 

The wind came from the window chilled my soul

I heard a sound ..!

I ran hoping to see your shining face..


It was the beat of my heart 

It was the whisper of the wind

It was a tear of my eye

All telling me one thing 

Miss you like the strong waves of the beach 

Miss you my strength 

My hot sun of summer

My heart burns like the fire flame 

You are my dear friend 

My great power 

Without you i feel like i have no shade 

Without your inspiration nothing need to be said

Thinking of you every day made feel like a hero

Its again the beat of my heart

Its something beautiful like your eyes

Somthing pretty like your smile

And wonderful like your personality

All telling me one thing…

Miss you like missing the water in the river 

Like missing the rainbow in the sky

Calling you everyday to tell you how much i miss you

Telling you close your shining eyes , theres one thing i want to do..

Want to hold you again in my arms and wont let you go as the last time

Want to play with your hair, lay on my legs and promise you that you are eternally mine..

Hold me tight, dont lose me again

Again the beat of my heart

Its a great feeling to know that you need me so dont leave me 

Something so sweet  when you silently look at me 

And amazing like the touch of your hands

All telling me one thing

Miss you like a blind miss the light…


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