SummerCamp’15 – Youth Academy

I loved the strong relationship between youth academy members that made me wish to be a volunteer with them and always be with them .. And after 2 years of following their page finally i had my chance ! And i never expect that i will be with them:) so i spent as much as i can time there before and after the camp and i dont know what to say !^^ its the best feeling
Had so much fun, learn new things about camping, culture, language, ideas and more !! I met amazing people from all over the world ! I helped students to improve their English , I loved the place and learn about culture  .. Responsibility of being in a camp and be a good and friendly leader , how to fix problems , how to be more patient .. How to make your team love  have
fun more than winning .. How to make them trust themselvess and ignore their bad skills .. İncluding me 🙂

i feel lucky to have this experience ! at first when i came back home i felt sick and alone .. then suddenly i all i wanted to do is dance ! and i did ! i used to dance everyday at the camp .. i felt alive and simple , at first i was too shy and confused .. i hated to dance but i loved to see people dancing ! and suddenly i became one of them !

now all i do is dancing at home even more than singing while cleaning house ! 

even im training everyday of new things at youtube haha 🙂

all i do is remembering some amazing people who changed something in me and smiling all day and thank God for knowing them .. maybe its not like that for other people who were there .. but for me .. it made a big change in my life 🙂 and really thankful because they gave me a chance to visit them anytime i want and to be a member of the amazing family 🙂

I cant wait to go to Bursa again ^_^


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