Four Ladies Against ISIS At Jalawla’a

One morning , me and my best friend had an idea to help Peshmerge ( the Kurdish army ) but , our group wasn’t official .. and it wan’t that easy .. i remember we spent more than 2 moths trying to start work but asaysh ( security) were a problem for us … anyway , one day Gulla ( my best friend ) did it ! she asked for volunteers to join us …!

We had a sponsor ( Gusto Blue cafe and Blue cafe ) and they helped us a lot ! we used to ask people in or around the cafe to donate .. we used to stop cars and ask people , we sold t-shirts , painted on children face and we had a young lady who sang with her band at the street 🙂 … After 2 weeks of working hard as volunteers , we collected 6 million !!!

At first we wanted to help the poor army families who lost their son in the war 😦 but it was hard for us and the money wasnt enough , so we decided to buy food for the army at Jalawla’a ! we had too many problems but we solved it .


1/9/2014 we went to Jalawla’a with 2 other brave girls (Kazhan and Sivar) .. To the city that ISIS occupied , we went by car , the road was closed and it was 7 am , the funny thing one of the peshmerge fighters told us that his aunt house’s near so if we need to go to bathroom or need something , his aunt was too kind with us she gave us water and was about to cook but we couldnt stay , we played some songs and it was fun , our friend Hawre came with us , hes a volunteer with Peshmerge army, so as i said it was fun till we got to Khanaqin , the man turned off the radio and said ” now its dangerous , we have to take care and we cant go back home easily !” we’re scared .. for me not that much , i used to get hurt at Baghdad situations ISIS kind of… More scary .. I dont know  they wont kill you .. Especially women .. They will rape them or use them for fu** sexual things , i always used to go out and be ready for anything .. it could b my last day ! who knows ! i kiss my mom and wish to God to keep us safe .

Anyway ! I saw small destroyed villages, no people , destruction.. .. Then we went to the war land .. As i told u closed road .No people .. Even no animals ! It was dead villages We started to help the army .. Every few kilometers we met 20 soldiers or more and we gave them some food .

I was dizzy and it was too hot 50ْ  I guess .. I was amazed , shocked ! how the army protect us !! no food ,hot , danger ! I closed my eyes by my hands , i was too dizzy and when i opened my eyes .. i saw a young solider maybe 20 years old lying on the ground ! his blue eye , skinny tired face full of dirt , and his big smile when he saw the fruits .. he was too weak to stand on his legs ! I felt shame .. really !? im thinking like that ! we’re relaxing , living a beautiful life , safe , have food , at home ! and they are …. in hell ! to protect us !! .. I started to cry but didnt want them to see me , so i went back to the car and cried there …

At one of the checkpoints we saw Daish flag (ISIS) they were really close !.. It was dangerous and the place full of snipers but God was with us Also the army fired a missile and it was too scary to see a new kind of big weapons ..  for my friends were scared because they live in Kurdistan and its safe they never saw or live what i lived .. We so a small lake and 4-6 Peshmerge were washing their cloths and themselves .. we started to whistle for fun (as boys flirt girls) ..

I had to go to bathroom .. at 12 pm but its a war land ! while all those things happened , we went to Army Headquarters , asked to go to bathroom and when i finished i saw a half naked solider and he shouted when he saw a girl there , hahahaha I couldnt move or anything

After 13 hours we came back home at night Thanks God ISIS didnt attack that time But the poor army they were too tired and injured.. I felt ashamed that im living safe and feeling negative for stupid things and they are standing there for us .. The fear , the heat , the destruction…!  cant even explain it .. I felt like im sick .. My blood pressure was too low and …! I felt too selfish and that was not fair .. They left everything for us and we just dont give a fuck !

But we also had fun for me it was an awesome experience and adventure.. I don’t want to be afraid from them , even if they attacked us i wont run I will fight and if they catch me i prefer to kill myslelf with a gun or anything instead if being their game.


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