Little tortoise 

Hello Mr. tortoise (its not a turtle) When my friend asked me to find a turtle for her .. I never thought to fell in love with u in 3 days 😍 actually i fell in love at the first moment when i hold u .. And i started to feed u strawberry and it was a dream to feed a turtle strawberry:) coz my lil turtles eat chicken and fish -.-

And from the first day you came to my legs and came up .. You started to follow me 😍 i tried to ignore u because its hard to leave u 💔 i really had great time with u and its time to say goodbye its ur last night with me 😥 .. Btw the most thing that made me happy that u had a virus in ur stomach and i made u better with some special treatment and medicine annd i adorree your black eyes and thick nails , ur lil tail ، big mouth , big shell , fat butt and orange tongue 😍 😍 .. I love how u eat my flowers .. Destroy the wall by nails , sleeping at my legs …!


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