Fuck cancer (1)

I started my volunteering work with cancer patients years ago after my best person died .. So I started at Baghdad but i couldnt go a lot because it was too far for me and no one could take me .. But i tried too many ways .. It was hard for me to handel it ..! But i never gave up

Then i moved to Sulimaniyah and met new kids ❤ the cool thing is the treatment in suli is free .. So a lot of iraqi people came to Sulimaniyah even arab kids where 60% more than kurds

Of course i had a bad moments of losing little angels .. But at least they went to a better place better than this world .. No pain .. 

Years ago i used to cry a lot but now i feel like i have a cold heart..and after few days or months.. I cry like a child 

Of course i had too many cool moments and it was the best ..! I will share them soon ..:) 

But its the best experience and im proud 


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