Im ashamed to be human

Writing about our bullshit again..!
What’s happening in this life !? I can’t believe that #humans destroyed this #world ! Yes we did ! Me and #You and all of us !
Can you believe that you hate your friends or neighbour just because hes from another #religion , #nationalty , #sect or different skin colour.. Maybe because of his family name or act ..! Whats his/her fault ? Who we are to kill people ! Disrespect them ! #Attack them .. We just kill people by our religion name .!! Or #revenge ! We dislike people for their shape , #style or other stupid things .. Maybe because they are not rich ..! You cant marry who you love because of his religion, nationality! You cant marry him because hes not a #doctor or an #engineer!! Who the f*** build your house ! Made the furniture ! Kept your city clean ! Your #food ! #cloths ! Electric things !! Or electric for your house ! You ?? .. Why you should get married to a rich man to live a perfect life ! Why when you have a maid you treat her as shit !! She/he is a human like you ! Why to disrespect blind and disabled people ! And make them feel that they cant do anything! What about orphans !why when we help someone we say to make #God happy ..! Why not to make that poor person happy !!!! Why you always ask about people religion and nationality at first !! I really dont care about it and it bothers me when people ask me from the first meeting … We kill animals by the worst way and for no reason .. Why to kill a bug that wont hurt you ! Kick cats ! Or do anything hurtful for animals !
Why when u see a poor man and ur friend about to help him you say “no hes acting , hes lier !! ” even if he was a lier thats not your business! .. Why you laugh at poor people ! Why you always blame others instead of blaming yourself at first ! .. I have too many questions.. With no answer
I started to hate people and cant believe in humanity anymore .. I really cant .. Humanity was my religion..!


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